Sunday, 31 October 2010

Day 68 Carb day

Chilly evening tonight, and have had a carbfest of a dinner tonight. Am passing on the beer and getting an early night.

Food stats for the day: SW Green Day Syns 55.5, calories 2345. Again I've eaten a lot of bread products but I'm pleased that I've only had 14g of butter! And I've had my five-a-day.

Breakfast: croissants x2, butter, jam, caffe latte
Lunch: spicy potato & cauli soup, roobios tea with milk
Snack: wholemeal pittas x2, taramasalata, an apple
Dinner: handful of fresh spinach leaves, scooped out half a baked potato, half an olive oil brushed baked aubergine, a whole baked sweet potato, doused with 100g cottage cheese. Not the greatest looking dinner (goo is the best word!) but was certainly filling, and warm!

I'm hopeful that this coming week is going to be a good swimming and walking week, AND that I get that calorie count down to around the 1800 - 2000 mark. Two more weeks to weigh-in, want it to be as good as last month's.

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