Friday, 8 October 2010

Day 44 Weigh-in Rituals, and the Scale that Lies

My official weigh in is next week, on Tuesday. However, like all impatient people I do stand on my unreliable, do-what-it-feels-like bathroom scales most mornings. This morning it lied to me again, and raised my hopes of being below the 21st number. :(

I had to laugh at Fat Daddy Rants's account of his to poop or not to poop dilemmas. Yea, I have all sorts of rituals associated with weighing myself too. First thing in the morning, after the pee and poop is my preferred time, and with as little on or naked. Watch off, it is heavy, with a solid metal bracelet and unfortunately I have to wear my glasses or I can't see!

When I went to Slimming World Group Meetings, for the weigh-in, I'd take off the coat, scarf, hat, shoes, jumper, and would wear my lightest clothes. One woman actually changed her clothes for the weigh in, she said denim was heavy! Heh.

I might go back to SW meetings just because the people there can be such a laugh.

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