Saturday, 16 October 2010

Day 52 Getting hold of the reins again

Yesterday was like being on a runaway horse, today, it has been a good little well-behaved trot. :)

Food stats: SW Green Day Syns 10.5 calories 1715. Yay!

Woke late, so just had some delicious rosehip tea, that my lovely friend P had got me when I was recuperating in hospital earlier this year. She said it was full of Vitamin C and was tasty too. Yep, and it was, and didn't need any sugar with it. Lunch was late too, nearly 3pm - 100g pasta with tomato sauce made with lamb mince and lots of courgettes, yum, and cottage cheese because I have run out of parmesan, made a nice change. Dinner was a seasoned pork loin chop pan-fried in 1 tsp olive oil, with lots of plain mashed potatoes (they got a bit burnt and tasted like they were baked!), boiled cauliflower, broccoli and peas with gravy. And now I am having some sugar-free low cal lime jelly, and there are a couple of dates and a banana nearby for night time peckishness. Foodwise a very good day.

Only been out to the library today. Did intend to try out The White Horse at Uffington but most of today has been heavy rain showers, so I was happy being at home with a book instead. Am just mostly pleased to have made good choices today. And the more days I make good choices the better my next weigh-in will be.

Am seeing the doc next Monday - getting blood pressure checked and hopefully he will be a happy bunny that I'm finally losing weight.

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