Thursday, 7 October 2010

Day 43 River Cottage & Veg Rules!

Stayed in tonight and caught Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on telly convincing some hard-line meat eaters in the local Fire Service to try out vegetarian cuisine for 4 days. I do like the principles of River Cottage, good food, organic, sustainable, delicious and some wonderful recipes and ideas for living a healthy happy existence. The guys were mostly really amazed at how delicious and tasty the meals were and actually didn't miss their meat!

I guess I like all that kind of thing. My ideal would be to live somewhere beautiful, grow my own veg, raise my own meat, make my own cheese, yoghurt etc. Heh, I'd be so busy and running around so much I certainly wouldn't be obese any more! Think I will make a vision board about that tomorrow. Yay! getting some arty ideas finally again. :)

Exercise today: not much going on. Got some work done, excellent.

Better day tomorrow :) I'll definitely put the radio on, bit of dancing about, some lower body exercises, a lunchtime swim, and a walk in the evening. The weekend looks as though there will be plenty of activity too: an exhibition of children's illustrators to go see in Woodstock, and an Oktoberfest at Iffley Village on Saturday, and Sunday is allotment day. I have to go see if my seeds have been sprouting and how my potatoes are doing. And since I have ordered my raspberries, their bed needs digging over and manuring, ready for their arrival in November.

Food stats: Another veggie-lific day! Green Day syns 57 and calories 1958. That high Syn number is because of a few fat-rich and flour product items interspersed amongst the 'free' foods... I feel good though, so it is fine.

Breakfast: fruit - a banana & a fig with some roobios tea
Lunch: a big salad full of romaine lettuce, sliced radishes, tomato, a dollop of spring onions, crème fraîche and a little lo-cal caesar dressing mixed together with a couple of hard-boiled eggs on top. Followed by a bagel spread with butter and smoked salmon. It all looked so pretty, and I sat in the garden and enjoyed it all in the sunshine.
Dinner: Veggie fajitas (carrots, courgettes, peppers, mushrooms fried in a tablespoon of olive oil plus a packet of Old El paso fajita seasoning) with home made guacamole & spinach instead of lettuce in the wraps. Yummy.
Late night snack: Some really nice tea my sister gave me and a strawberry & cream palmier pastry.

I'm writing all this down because this is an example of a menu that fits inside that 2000 calories adult recommended allowance, and also ticks all my boxes for food that is delicious, healthy, with a little bit of indulgence and livable with. I've eaten a small amount of fat today. A reasonable amount of baked goods. And lots of healthy stuff. The salmon bagel was nice with the 10g of butter I measured out ultra carefully. I think though, it might have been just as nice with light soft cheese or cottage cheese or even with thinly sliced cucumber instead. I find now, I'm not missing butter quite as much as I did in the beginning. :) Yay for re-training the taste-buds!

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