Monday, 11 October 2010

Day 47 A discovery about cucumbers and dealing with Mr Wrong

One of the things about eating mindfully is that I now pay far more attention to my food, not just in terms of eating slowly and savoring it, but also taking note of the effects it has on my body.

For years and years the only thing I thought about was satisfying the appetite or craving. Now it is more a question of asking myself, "am I hungry?". I'm still driven a little by the idea of breakfast/lunch/dinner as "proper" mealtimes, this is slowly giving way to eating when my stomach signals to me.

I've never noticed this before - and stone me, it's laughable! - cucumbers make me burp! Just had a couple of veggie wraps for lunch and was wondering why I was feeling a tad wierd. Full of cukes! I googled about the burping & found this small possible explanation: cucumbers contain saponin, causing a soapy bubbly foam in the stomach, which blop together and end up as expelled air up the oesophagus. Of course that set me off on the trail for reasons for burping from other foods...have a look here. :)

Yesterday evening I started reading a new book, "Better Love next Time" by J M Kearns - How the relationship that didn't last can lead you to Mr Right. Over the past year I've been rebuilding my self-confidence and self-esteem since getting it totally trashed by a series of bad romantic decisions since 2005. This is the latest source of possible illumination I have consulted, and it is a really GOOD book. :) It did make me feel very sad in places, and I did have to do a little comfort eating, BUT I tracked. I tracked every bite, and yay! to my credit, the comfort eating was confined to healthy choices. And now, perhaps, after reading this book, and building on all the other advice I've had this year, I can also re-make my romantic ideas and self from the inside as well as the outside.

Mood today, good. Weather, beautiful sunny autumn day, and I had my cuke wraps sitting in the sunshine in my garden. :)

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  1. hey! thanks for stopping by!
    i love what you wrote about intuitive eating. that's so so important. i think that's the difference between those of us who are able to keep the weight off. i want to start more intuitive eating instead of so much sticking to calories. or maybe i can do both at the same time. we will see.

    well, anyway, good meeting you + wishing you the best on this journey!