Monday, 19 January 2015

Smiley Bathroom Scales

Stepped on them this morning and they said: You are 23 stone and 8 lbs.

I didn't believe it.

Had to try again twice more before I believed.

So want this to be the start of another great downward trend, in a positive way :)

On social side, have a meet up reading group to go to.
Shadowing day up at the local hospital. Lots of prep for that needed, bus pass especially.
Meeting up with a friend, ex colleague. tooth! My dentures arrive on Friday, no more gap smile for me. Hope getting used to them won't be too painful, and that I learn to talk allright with them in. Deffo an old lady moment this. Wish I could afford an implant. Something for later.

Feeling less blue today, that is good. Was sunny, I did lots of dancing to the radio. Still fighting off nasty winter 'lergy.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

January blues

Have got the post christmas, post festivities, mid january bues :(
Fighting off a winter cold with spicy hot tom yum soup.
Better for me than sugar laden honey and lemon.
So... to battle my shadows,

Am making resolutions for when I feel a bit better:
that walk in the park I keep thinking of doing - DO IT.
that bag of stuff to go to the charity shop - TAKE IT.
that pile of junk to be tossed into the skip - THROW IT.

So that's for the immediate future :)

And for my laurels....
Another 3 weeks of almost paleo. I didn't manage the whole30 thing. Am not ready to give up dairy, or the small amounts of alcohol I do eat. Another month perhaps.

I can weigh myself on my bathrooms scales! That is totally awesome. No more 'ERROR' messages.
Granted, it is still a high number: 23 stone and 10 lbs, but I am SO CHUFFED!

Today I took out the contents of my sexy lingerie drawer which has remained untouched for nearly 5 years, and swore to myself that this year all of that is going to get an outing :) For myself. First. I will be so pleased to say Sayonara to my practical utilitarian bras :)

Goal for this month: walk 1 mile without stopping.
Goal for birthday: walk 2 miles without stopping.
My birthday present to myself this year: swim membership at the local university pool.