Thursday, 17 March 2011

Healthy Hearts

I'm doing a lot of thinking about hearts right now. My dad is in hospital, again, and needs another bypass. He's had five already, since the early 1990s. We are all very worried and hope he will pull through.

This kind of crisis though, could have been mitigated if my father had been the kind of person to take advice! I love him dearly, and yes, I do sympathize that many of his favourite foods/activities were denied him because of his failing health. Maybe he decided life was no fun without 'yummy' food and salt, and that is his perogative. I wish he wasn't suffering so much now though. It is a sad thing when one has to see one's parents activities as a dire warning.

I'm trying to see all this through an objective lens, as thinking about it in personal terms fills me with fear - of his dying, of not being there in time to support my mum through this, of feeling so helpless. Now isn't the time to be succumbing to weeping and wailing, because it does no good.

Seems to me like the whole world is full of unhappy happenings these few weeks. I was greatly saddened and shocked by the aftereffects of the Japanese tsunami - my heart goes out to all those touched by that disaster, too. Donating to the Red Cross is a very good thing, and I strongly encourage people to do so. It might not seem much, but every little helps when it is multiplied by thousands and millions of kind souls.

On a more personal note, this month has been awful, healthwise for me. I've had 3 bouts with either the common cold or some strain of vigorous influenza, coupled with having to meet critical deadlines. Yes, me and the rest of the world both! I know I am not the only person suffering viral transgressions, however it amazes me how something of little medical note has the ability to take the stuffing out of me!

My weight has increased to 321lbs - a big high. I know I am not going to enjoy the flight to be with my parents - this big bottom squashed into a tiny seat is definitely no fun. I will take every opportunity to walk about and sit at the back whenever possible.

So, am back to thinking about hearts. With heart disease a definite indicator in my family, that is a huge red flag to me to get my weight under control. I have been planning my spring fitness campaign - no reason to delay it, and every reason to start is right now. Exercise will keep me busy and keep me from worrying myself sick.

All set now, just have to get the moggie settled and then I'm off. I'm EFTing for my dad, and asking the universe to keep him safe. If it is his time to go, I will be happy for him, because he has had a good long life and done many things that he has enjoyed.