Wednesday, 5 February 2014

small walk

Huffed and puffed all the way, but made it around the half mile block at a nice steady pace. Did the walk this morning at 10.00 am because why wait 'til later when I might put it off because xyz reason.

Ha! Take that Procrastination, I smite thee one blow. Heh. :)

Yep. Have been reading far too much olde worlde fantasy fiction.

I DO feel good though. It was only a little walk, but damn, I DID it. ** happy dance**

Roll on tomorrow.

Hmm, funnily enough it being windy and wet kind of helps too. I feel all snuggly in my boots and nice warm coat, it doesn't feel like exercise. Maybe all those extra ions floating about from the wind energy help too. Just spectulating.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

an overwhelming urge

Got up this morning at 5 am. It was dark, raining, cold. But amazingly I wanted to go out for a walk! So I did. Only a little one, just to the pelican crossing and back, 0.2 miles. I got myself some nice cold air into my lungs, worked a few muscles and came home feeling very pleased with my effort. I feel energised.

Over my breakfast cuppa, I've worked out a few more little routes, block walks that I start and come back with a changing view the whole way, starting with a small 0.5 mile one. I quite liked walking in the cool dark, before there are many people, cars or even birds awake.

So the plan is to do another walk later today, when it is dark again. And tomorrow morning. And again in the evening.

Have to start somwhere. Got to love myself more and not just with cake!

Oh yeah, and darn it, my fitbit ran out of juice so I've no idea how many steps I did take. Good thing I have a new battery to fit in it to record my journeys.