Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Olympic torch fly by

Yeah, I have been re-inspired :) The Olympic Torch trundled past my house yesterday. I was out there waving my little home made Union Jack and enjoying being out on a street that is normally empty of people and full of cars being full of people and empty of cars. Fab.

Food diary-ing for the last 3 weeks. Getting a handle on my food intake again. Making better, and more conscious choices - again. I'm too heavy for my scales at the moment, so guess I will post a weight when I can get a reading! Lots of fruit, veg and good protein and little oil, butter, cheese & processed stuff.

Depression is a funny thing. The last few months have seemed endless, dark, dreary, dismal. A pit. The wet weather hasn't helped. The slugs have taken over my garden :( Not that I've really been out there much at all.

Today, the sun shone. I feel marginally happier. The sky is threatening grey again, but that memory of sunshine and heat is still in my head. Also helps that the curtains are OPEN. Got to laugh at my silliness. Small stuff is important when battling depression. My next goal is to beat the incipient agoraphobia. A visit to the library is long overdue. Maybe tomorrow.