Monday, 19 January 2015

Smiley Bathroom Scales

Stepped on them this morning and they said: You are 23 stone and 8 lbs.

I didn't believe it.

Had to try again twice more before I believed.

So want this to be the start of another great downward trend, in a positive way :)

On social side, have a meet up reading group to go to.
Shadowing day up at the local hospital. Lots of prep for that needed, bus pass especially.
Meeting up with a friend, ex colleague. tooth! My dentures arrive on Friday, no more gap smile for me. Hope getting used to them won't be too painful, and that I learn to talk allright with them in. Deffo an old lady moment this. Wish I could afford an implant. Something for later.

Feeling less blue today, that is good. Was sunny, I did lots of dancing to the radio. Still fighting off nasty winter 'lergy.

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