Thursday, 28 October 2010

Day 64 swim interruptus

I made it to the pool at lunchtime again today. The car park was really crowded as part of it had been cordoned off, so I parked on double yellow lines and went in for my swim, after first ascertaining it would be okay to leave the car there...

Well, after my first 10 laps, just as I was getting into lap 11, a message comes over the tannoy, to report to reception. So it was out of the pool, get dressed, pack up and go to move car with dripping wet hair. I did think as I walked out that maybe I'd just go home and come back later. The great big flat loader was waiting for us to move our cars, and thankfully I wasn't the last one! And even better - there was a little parking space! So after a nifty manouevre, and a speedy change back to swimming cozzie, I was back on the swim count.

Nothing was going to stop me doing my laps!

So today, I did first 10, then 30 then another 8 laps, just because. :)
That's 48 laps today! Yay! That's 1200m. Three quarters of a mile.

Gosh I've swum as far as I walked in Leigh Woods on Monday.

I'm feeling good. Just had lunch, food stats so far today are also faring well, and I've made spicy potato & cauliflower for dinner, so the house smells delicious!

Cat was so funny today. We were playing with her red ribbon, and I'd changed the cushion & comfy rug on her favourite seat. Except we discovered this cushion is extra she nearly disappeared through the armrest! So cruel of me, I couldn't stop laughing! While of course, she was busy reinstating her dignity...

heh. Life's always funny with my cat. :D

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