Monday, 18 October 2010

Day 53 Old Habits and the Hydra Head

I spent most of the day ensconced on my sofa, cuddled into my lovely quilts, reading a stash of fantasy novels I liberated from the library on Saturday. This is an old habit of mine - disappearing into novels. Nothing wrong with doing that once in a while, but the accompanying behaviour of eating snacky type foods raised its Hydra Head again. Heh - you can tell I've been reading novels with ancient Greek tales as their starting points...

It wasn't all bad though. I tracked. And while I was busy searching out nibbly foodstuffs, I did discard eating a whole bag of peanuts as a Bad Idea (yay!) as that would have been 1200 cals...eek! I am conscious that compared to previous behaviour, this day was quite restrained. I chose lower calorie salty stuff mostly - Ryvita with butter and marmite and a few chunks of cheese.

So - the lowdown: Green Day Syns 73 calories 4263

No breakfast.
Lunch: pasta with sauce made with minced lamb and topped with cottage cheese
Rest of day: a couple of wraps filled with home made hommos, cucumber, peppers & lettuce
Snacks: Ryvita spread with butter & marmite; chunks of brie, red leicester & mini babybel cheese; 2 home made flapjacks; 2 white bagels; 10 squares Cadbury's wholenut

I'm not going to lose any sleep over this. Just going to soldier on, and try and make the next day a good choices day.

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