Friday, 15 October 2010

Day 51 The Fall

Superhero falls from the sky.

Sometimes I wonder if have have manic depression. Some days I'm so gung ho, and everything GOES so well, and then there are days like today when all I can do is crawl into the cave and hide.

Along with the contents of my fridge, my larder, my freezer...

Not posting eating stats today. Superhero has a bulging tummy.

In fact. One might call them stuffed. I feel like one of those lions after a kill, gorged up and somnolent, but unfortunately full of guilt and self-recrimination too.

Drinking tea now, and going to bed.

I went to look at Monty Python's skit of Mr Creosote just now, because that was just how I felt, like another morsel of something waffer thin would break me. And when before that sketch would make me laugh, now all I can feel is so sad. Satire is cruel, and for now I think, that kind of satire is off my viewing for a while. :(

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