Thursday, 28 October 2010

Day 63 The stats and a few strategies for dealing with the midnight munchies

Food intake: 3358 calories. Yes, I am still over-eating. But the good news is none of that stuff was unhealthy processed full-of-additives full-of-bad-fat crud, which I used to eat, often, whenever my mood was down.

The bad is, I am still eating because I like the taste of things, and don't stop when I am feeling full. This IS something I am having to work on, and I guess it will be something I will have to be aware of and act upon for the rest of my life.

Reminder to me: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!


And perhaps I will start adhering to a new rule about eating. Stop eating between 10 pm and 6 am. There. That hopefully will help with the midnight munchies, and also perhaps help me to start going to bed earlier.

Another rule: Put all foodstuffs AWAY. In the cupboards. In the fridge. So I am not inspired by a walk through to eat something because I have caught a glimpse of it!

And this one: Drink tea, or water first before automatically reaching for something to eat. Keep a litre bottle of water near me when I am working so I'm not tempted to go to the kitchen...

And next time I feel miserable and blue, to just go for a little walk. Getting out of the house, or away from the situation that has upset me, and time to settle my thoughts will always help me. A double plus - away from using food to stuff down my emotions, and getting my body moving and creating endorphins that soothe and relax me instead. :)

Today I had:
midnight snack - turkey mince with egg noodles in sweet sour sauce & roobios tea
breakfast - crunchy  nut clusters with skim milk, half a pink grapefruit & roobios tea
snack - a banana & an apple
lunch - homemade carrot & lentil soup, plain bagel with smoked salmon, roobios tea & an apple
dinner - turkey mince & butter bean chilli with a wholemeal pitta (twice)
supper - 2 wholemeal pittas with 4 slices ham, 75g chunk of Brie

I was thinking yesterday that when I eat now, I eat a lot slower than I used to. And when I sit at the table and eat, I am far less likely to simply eat without noticing my food. So from now on, mealtimes are just that. TV, computer off, and book closed.

5 good rules. Let's see if they help with the eating for the next few days. :)

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  1. It's very wise of you to be open to trying out new strategies. Sometimes it's a process to find what WE like... but you will get there.

    I distinctly remember learning about "food cues", and how seeing food triggered an actual physical response in our brain... so putting the food out of sight was an excellent decision. The old saying "out of sight, out of mind" is so true in this case. :-)