Sunday, 3 October 2010

Day 38 Bun Downfall

Food intake stats: SW Green Day 79 calories 3154. Nope it wasn't the indulgence of having cake after my walk. It was eating a whole packet - six rolls of bread. A small comfort - at least these were healthy-ish - Kingsmill's 50:50 half wholemeal and half white flour goes into the making of these.

I have thought about strategies for coping with my bread fascination - only leave out the ones I intend to eat for the day, and freeze the rest. Or only buy single items on the day I want to eat them - like the cake. A slightly more expensive way to go about it and also a win:win for me because I get to eat something I really like AND I get to be proud of myself because I have set limits on the eating of that stuff. I have also almost run out of olive oil and am wondering whether to get more or to rely on the Fry Light. Couscous doesn't taste good without a little bit of oil or butter, and a small proportion of oils are needed for a healthy body. I prefer to have the oil available if I need it so yep, olive oil remains on the shopping list!

Part of the bun downfall was emotional eating. And part of it was pure indulgence. And part of it was me testing myself. I'm working on all these issues with some help from my Louise Hay Affirmations. Listening to them each day is really worthwhile for me. So again, even though this hasn't been the most successful in terms of eating, it has been quite successful on another level in helping me see where I can improve and change my habits and responses, and where I can head off triggers by a little pre-planning. :)

The exercise front has been excellent: 90 minute walk and a set of upper body weight lifting exercises, and a set of ab crunches - hurrah for me! I'm really pleased with my Towpath walk, and have told myself next year it will be me jogging or running along there, or cycling on it on a much longer route - maybe to Abingdon or to Wolvercote. I also measured my waist again and if I suck in my breath my stats are 40 inches and a quarter. Woo-hoo! I'll be able to wear clothes with a middle again soon - hehe ;)

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