Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Day 48 Stats & Taking it One Day at a Time

I'm not sure whether it is the euphoria of actually having lost half a stone (hurrah!) or because my body is still battling off an incipient cold virus, but my food stats for today are within the Slimming World guidelines and under 1800 calories, my target number for weight-loss.

SW Green Day Syns 11 and calories 1677.

I've eaten literally a tonne of mashed swede today! Mostly because I couldn't be bothered to be creative in the kitchen twice in one day...

Breakfast: 3 egg omelet, baked beans and a couple of rashers of back bacon
Lunch: Roasted parsnips, Mashed swede, peas, gravy, a couple of quorn burgers
Snack: Roasted parsnips
Dinner: Mashed swede, peas, gravy, 4 oz turkey steak - pan fried with Fry Light & steamed with a little water in a covered pan.
Snack: peach, half a plum, 100g cottage cheese

I left food again on the plate (swede does fill one up!), discovered that not all parsnips are sweet (they'll probably get sweeter later on this year after a couple of frosts), and couldn't eat the second half of my plum. That last thing - well, that's amazing. I can usually eat and eat until nothing is left on the plate... Also, I've not been looking for seconds of any foods I've had today, another amazing thing. I am the seconds queen!

Guess the Slimming World principles do work properly when I apply them properly :) They promise that you can eat until you are full and never feel hungry. Still, I am taking this all one day at a time.

Shopping today I picked up lots of porridge oats and my favourite chocolate bars - Cadbury's Whole Nut and Cadbury's Bournville. It's getting colder and a hot breakfast doesn't always have to be a protein packed one. I've calculated my chocolate stash should last around 2 weeks, if I have a small amount each day. It isn't as much of a risk to have in the cupboard as bread! But, I have had bagels, pittas and wraps lurking in my freezer & cupboard now for a couple of weeks and I haven't gone overboard on them. There is butter in the fridge if I want it. Interestingly though I didn't think to put any in my mashed swede today.

The upshot of that ramble about foodstuffs is that I want to learn to trust myself around food. So having the things I like to eat, and a small amount of my trigger foods around is kind of like de-sensitizing myself to an allergen! Who knows - eventually I might graduate to having crisps, biscuits and cakes in the house and NOT scoffing them in one sitting...

Exercise: the walk to the surgery and back this morning - 15 mins, and walking around the supermarket, about an hour. Somewhere I have a pedometer, be interesting to find out how many steps I am doing. Hmm, last time though I got it out I couldn't stop it from screeching :o it was an panic alarm model and I hadn't read the instructions properly before messing around with it. Cat was terribly upset by the noise, and I had to stuff it under a pillow to mute the sound while I found out how to disengage it! Valuable lesson 1: read instructions...!!

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