Monday, 18 October 2010

Day 54 A Happy Medic! and some allotment news

Went to see the doc today. He's very pleased with me. My blood pressure is down to 137/88! Yay! Says cholesterol is excellent but my blood sugar is a little high, so he wants me to keep on losing weight and eating wholefoods as much as possible. Has encouraged me to keep doing what I've been doing, and he'll see me in 3 months time.

Potentially I could be 280 lb by then. Gosh. That will be about the same I weighed in December 2009... :D

Off out to the Allotment AGM this evening. Rent Raises and Water Usage is on the agenda! I did a little weeding when I was there this morning - it has been almost a month, and my pea seeds have sprouted, as have the radishes, lettuce and a few spinach. But my potatoes have blight so its off with their tops and into the bonfire - hopefully there may be some baby potatoes left in the ground - I hope so. R will be MOST disappointed otherwise. We were going to have a grand disinterrment Guy Fawkes weekend. But as it has been so wet, better to get them out (if there are any) before the slugs get them. I'm planting broad beans and garlic on that ground to overwinter.

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