Friday, 1 October 2010

Day 37 Rain Rain Rain

I've had the radio on all day listening to Radio 2 - all my kind of tunes on there. I have to face it, I am part of the oldie generation now. I might try Radio 1 next week and see how I fare with the music off that... Anyways - the DJs kept on going about the heavy rainfall all over the British Isles today, there were zillions of updates on traffic jams, roads shut off because of accidents etc. Despite this being a perennially damp climated country, drivers don't behave better on the roads when they are wet and greasy, perfect conditions for skidding. Time seems to be a factor in many cases - the driver was hurrying to get to x place before y time. I wish our society was a little less fixated on this. I think we'd live just as good lives if not better if there was a moratorium on 'being on time' all the time.

:D you can tell I grew up in a country where time was very elastic!

Well, upshot was, every 20 minutes or so throughout the day we had weather & traffic updates. I now know much more than I ever want to about the state of the country's main tributaries!

Food stats for today: excellent! SW green day 24.5 calories 1811. And I'm eating chocolate! It's Green & Black's Espresso chocolate. Yum! Had sweet potato mash at dinner tonight, I believe I prefer it to ordinary potato mash. It's much lighter and less of a weight in the tummy.

Exercise stats: excellent! Swam my half mile - 32 laps this evening. Was a struggle for some reason but I did it. Hurrah for me! This morning I did a set of modified lunges and squats, leg raises and side lunges. The calf raises I did without weights - 15, then with - 12, 10, 8, - 1kg, 1.5kg and 2kg handweights on my knees. Heh - they feel most exercised today!

Tomorrow I am hoping the weather will be less slooshy. It will probably be too muddy to hike around Shotover - I'm not chancing my dodgy ankle with mud. So most likely will be a towpath trek. Nice and flat. Lots of seats along the way if I get tired. Might go from my house to Iffley Village and then to town, see if there's an exhibition on at the local art gallery, have a half of my favourite beer - London Pride, at my favourite pub, The Bear Inn and catch the bus home. They do guest beers too so maybe it might be two half pints...! Sounds like a plan. And I can take my brolly as well!

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