Sunday, 10 October 2010

Day 46 I remember why I don't drink (much) any more

Yep. Today was a dead loss. Dodo deathly.

Those four half pints forgettable German pilsner and Guinness re-asserted their presence this afternoon. So it was a sofa slouch after all. Nuneham Courtenay will have to wait.

I now remember WHY I don't indulge in nights out with the girls so often. And it seems the longer the intervals, the less tolerant my body is in processing alcohol. Poor liver. And it thought it had it good these last few weeks with all my mindful eating...

I like a drink now and then. A couple of pints with a friend if they are visiting for the weekend, a glass of wine with food if I am in a restaurant or with company. The odd G&T during the winter. Pimms in the summer. And I like a good single malt on occasion.

I used to drink beer on a regular basis when I was in my 20s. However at that time I was also regularly cycling 2 miles to work and back every day, plus anywhere else I fancied at weekends. But I only like alcohol when there is someone to drink with. So, mostly I don't drink. Hence my resistance & tolerance has reduced to zilch. which isn't a bad thing. :) I don't really enjoy getting blotto, it's more fun being compos mentis.

There's a bit of an similarity here, to my smoking. It is no longer a habit to drink. It's a conscious choice. And maybe, finally, that habit is spilling over into my food choices. Today, I actually left food on my plate! A good few spoonfuls! And I did it because I felt full.

heh. I feel like I should have a team of cheerleaders rah-rahing for me. :D

So. The lowdown on food today: Green Day Syns 44.5, calories 2253 (officially - unofficially its probably a little lower yay!) I've drunk like a gallon of tea and a few pints of water, and because have not felt like cooking, have made do with the leftovers from the week. Smoked salmon on cream cheese bagel for breakfast, lentil stew and spicy potato for lunch, Thai green curry & rice for dinner.

I'm way behind on my swimming Oktoberfast challenge, but I have a plan to catch up. And have been reading up about interval training and how that helps burn fat more efficiently, so might incorporate that into the lengths. Hmmm - in-terr-res-ting week ahead...

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  1. hey :) thanks for stopping by and making a comment. I found you :)!

    admittedly I do not drink.

    swimming octoberfest challenge? tell me more about it please :)