Monday, 4 October 2010

Day 40 Eating blues

After posting yesterday, I had an attack of the blues and I allowed myself to succumb to eating a plateful of couscous. ( an extra 770 cals and 6 syns ) Carbohydrates seem to be the thing my body craves, so today I've given it plenty in the form of rice for dinner. It was white rice though, so I might increase the fibre with something else from the shopping I'll be doing later.

Otherwise food stats for today have been quite low: Green Day Syns 5 calories 1413. I will probably have some fruit, cottage cheese and maybe a bit of peanut butter later. Yep, have been reading so much about peanut butter I've decided to have some back in my menu. It isn't something I binge on and it is rather tasty with cucumber in sandwiches.

Off out now to meet up with friends for a drink. They did invite me to dinner but I'm not ready to eat out yet. Another couple of months and then perhaps eating outside of the house might be do-able.

Update on food stats: Syns 22.5 and calories 1813. Cranberry juice and a cream cake dessert tossed up the figures. I'm happy though. Cake was yummy and company was yummy. :) 

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