Thursday, 21 October 2010

Day 57 Another Pool Day

heh - made it to the pool again this afternoon. Am so chuffed with myself. Didn't do as many laps as planned because I stupidly got into a competitive thing with this old guy who was hogging the centre space grrrr, and wore myself out :(

Guess I will have to get better at the swimming before I try that again ;)

Basically, when I was getting dressed afterwards my shoulders were SOOOO tired, and I had to sit down for a few minutes before putting my snuggly winter Celt sheepskin boots, old and battered but much loved.

So - exercise stats today - hooray! Another half mile, 32 laps, to add to my Oktoberfast total!

I also have to go to Bristol this weekend, family stuff, so I thought I might do a walk in nearby Leigh Woods. Here's hoping the weather will be kind on Sunday.

Food stats - SW Green Day Syns are 49 and calories 1846. I made candied sweet potatoes today, just because I've been reading so many Thanksgiving related blogs. Mine were sliced, boiled until tender, then pan cooked until caramelized in butter, olive oil and muscovado sugar. They were delicious, but I can definitely see why they're a once a year treat! Except I have leftovers, so they'll be added to my dinner another day this week.

Breakfast: roobios tea & an apple
Lunch: Young's breaded scampi, oven baked with julienne carrots & peppers, chopped romaine lettuce, boiled fine beans in lo cal caesar dressing, followed by banana in yoghurt with honey
Dinner: pan fried pork loin chop, with candied sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, cabbage & lots of Bisto gravy
Snacks: apple & a date - to be consumed soon - along with some rosehip tea & a couple of glasses of water. I'm really behind on my water of late. Must get back to drinking the 8 glasses a day.

I think I've had my five a day!

My sister mentioned something called America Online today. So might check it out.

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