Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Day 49 Nostalgia Blues

Today the radio has been playing lots of songs from my teenage years, and many songs which had significance as memory triggers for various events in my young life. So I've spent a large part of today wallowing in nostalgia. Which could be a good or bad thing. Good as in I love most of those songs. Bad as the memories associated with some of them are a little tender still.

It made me think, also, about how our experiences shape us. And perhaps I might spend a little time on exploring my thoughts and feelings on those long ago mind snapshots, and exorcising them with EFT. I haven't been keeping up with my practice of EFT, so this evening is a chance for me to banish the blues with it. :) I find the morning after a good session, I am usually bright and bouncy, a complete contrast to my previous night's melancholy.

This evening I chanced across a blog "But you have such a Pretty Face" by Olivia, who is a massage therapist, which reminded me that is one of the avenues I am interested in pursuing as an alternative career. I like the idea of doing good for people in a very direct way, and one that is completely focused on people instead of computers. It is kind of in keeping with my ideals of being my own boss too, as a good masseuse can build up an excellent practice. There is a course I can apply for in Oxford too, which starts next September. Definitely worth looking into.

Food stats: SW Green Day Syns 53.5 and calories 2007. The high syn count is because I ate two portions of home-made flapjacks. I know, a rather short-sighted thing to do, making cakes, but this is supposed to be a journey to better health where nothing is forbidden food. I am pleased that my calories came in at a RDA level, so things are fine. And it was nice to eat something sugary for a change. I have also discovered that flapjacks can be frozen, so that is what is happening to the other 6 pieces of sugary chewiness! And perhaps when friends come to visit they might be disinterred from their frozen holding...heh.

One could write a story or two about the journey of flapjack twins, hmm, maybe along the lines of the gingerbread man??? Ahem, getting a bit fanciful here.

Food today: breakfast - salad filled hommos wrap and ham & cottage cheese wrap. Lunch was the aforementioned flapjacks with tea. Dinner was 2 home made lamb burgers (125g total) seasoned with garlic & rosemary (from my garden!) - cat helped me eat those!! with a big salad with lo-cal caesar dressing. Snack was banana with yoghurt and a tablespoon of nuts & dried fruit.

Right. Still not getting it on with the exercise. It will come. I'm gentle and tender with myself. - as Louise Hay says :) Perhaps the swimming mojo will arrive back tomorrow. :)

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