Monday, 18 October 2010

Day 54 Stats & thoughts about growing stuff

Today's stats: foodwise - SW Green Day Syns 15.5 and calories 1991. Hey, hey, hey, a great little number for both!

I have noticed that when I start eating later I don't tend to crave snacks or eat more than the RDA. So am going to try this route instead for the next week or so, and drink most of my water in the mornings, and maybe have an apple (there's a whole pile of Pink Ladies waiting to be munched!). Then have a nice big lunch. I have some stuff to be doing down the allotment anyway, so better to not eat before going there as the bending over gives me indigestion...

Only roobios tea for breakfast. Then I had turkey breast steak with boiled cabbage, peas, mashed potato with half-fat crème fraîche, and lots of gravy for lunch. Later I made a home made hummos wrap with julienne carrots, red and yellow pepper, chopped romaine lettuce and red onion & tomato salsa. That salsa goes with pretty much anything! For dinner I had pasta with the last of the lamb mince pasta sauce and 1 oz of grated Grana padano cheese. And now a nice mug of rosehip tea. Technically I've had too many Healthy Extras for the weight-loss, but around the right amount for maintenance. It's cool. I feel full, satisfied, warm, and not craving sweet, salt or anything else!

Allotment AGM was interesting - we now have full capacity! All 80 plots fully occupied - a big change from 3 years ago when I first had a look around. Then it was around 50-60% occupied. Next year I'm going to put my name forward to have another half or quarter plot as they become available.

Picked up the seed catalog, but before I go ordering any more, had better check what I already have! Might be all I need to get are some broad beans and garlic from the garden centre. Have lots of exotics to try out next year waiting patiently in my seed stash.

Tomorrow I will take a photo of my seedlings - just in case the mice & slugs do eat the lot - I want a record of my greenifying fingers!

I'm thinking that on the old potato patch, I'll overwinter some broad beans & garlic, and then when the beans are over, I'll plant sweetcorn, a few courgettes, a squash or two and peas or french beans. And fill in the edges with chives & other herbs as a permanent border. Might try spuds at home in buckets next year as space is tight at the 'lottie. Heh - fun thinking about growing things :)

There's a programme with Griff Rhys-Jones Down Under right now. Hmmm - sun, sea and sailing...ooh. A possible holiday destination for next year or the year after? :)

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