Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Day 41 Rah-rahs & Testing Recipes

This morning I got an encouraging text from one of my best girlfriends, J - "Good luck with your diet – I know how hard it can be but you can do it!"

This friend is a fabulous cook, and loves food. Every time I go and see her, we have the most delicious meals. We both have a huge appreciation for patisserie - tea & cake featured largely in our relationship when she lived in this city! In the last few years she has really applied herself to getting fit. I've got a cookbook by me that she got for me because I liked her copy so much - How to...cook the Weight Watchers way. And last night I thought she looked wonderful. She says that now she has lost weight she loves to walk places and really enjoys it. :) I'm hoping that next year I might be able to keep up with her on a walk - usually the poor girl has to slow down her pace because I am so slow and get out of breath so easily. Heh - that will definitely be a "yessss!" moment.

I also had a look at this blog 266 and watched her anniversary video - fabulous! I also liked how she said she started slowly and worked up to doing more strenuous things. And stressed the importance of finding a food choices lifestyle that she could live with rather than following a diet of restrictions.

Onto the recipe thang - I had a jar of Marks & Spencer Thai Green Curry Sauce lurking in my cupboard for a while, and when R was down he opened it to have a sniff. Unfortunately we never got round to using it (mostly because I wasn't sure if he could handle the heat factor) plus it called for a tin of coconut milk. Well, did the shopping and picked up a can and tonight was the night...

It's a great recipe - really quick and easy. Two chicken breasts cut into pieces, browned in oil, plonk in the sauce, heat & then add coconut milk and simmer for 15 mins. I also added some julienne carrots and peas to it. And made Thai jasmine rice. I totted up the calories for my portion after I had wolfed down half the curry, and it came to a large 1160 calories - GULP! Next time I will use light coconut milk, and either a teaspoon of oil or Spray Light, and loads more veggies. And of course, share it out three ways! Will probably turn the rest into soup for the week.

So my food intake for the day is Green Day Syns 51 and calories 2154. Hmm, that's pretty much in the normal range :) that's great.

Food today:
hummos (home made), taramasalata, crudites & pitta bread followed by a fresh fig
a banana sandwiched with 1 dessertspoon wholenut peanut butter (that was interesting)
an apple, lots of roobios tea with milk
Thai Green Chicken Curry with Jasmine Rice (heh, like in a restaurant!)
and for later I have a couple of Medjool dates waiting.
2 glasses of water - will drink more later.

This month has been a fantastic eye-opener in finding out what 2000 odd calories really mean. For most of my life I have quite happy exceeded that amount totally ignorantly. This is one case where ignorance may be bliss but increases the butt!

So glad to be un-ignorant now...heh ;)

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