Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Day 63 Sunshine, another Pool Day, and how my friends inspire me!

Yay! I made it up to the pool again! And today I did all my 32 laps and then 8 more! Cue cheerleaders whooping around in my head...hehe.

There was a very pretty black lady in the faster lane next to me powering up and down doing her breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle. One day that will be ME! Hmm, perhaps to help that vision along I will start 'programming' myself by visualizing myself as a speedy swimmer every night. My ex swears by this method of encouraging him to keep to his goals. And boy, has he done some amazing stuff! Twenty years ago when I first knew him, he could barely swim, now he does 64 laps to my 32...not to mention the cycling around huge lonely stretches of Russia and China all by himself - both countries he barely knew the language to...

I guess I already know lots of inspiring people.

Another friend has learnt how to play the guitar and has sailed to France. Both things I would like to do someday. The guitar learning is easy enough to get started, the sailing on yachts a little trickier to organize, but it can be done! And maybe one day I might have a little boat and invite him to come sailing with me! We first learnt to sail messing about on the River Thames at Uni. And he continued, but I didn't after we left.

What I am thinking here is - it is never too late to do those things that give us pleasure, that stretch our horizons, that show us we are, inside us all, extraordinary beings. :)

I'm looking forward to doing another 40 laps tomorrow.

And just for gratuitousness - because I once sailed on her and want to again. Here is a link to Eve of St Mawes, a beautiful pilot cutter, and the first yacht I have ever sailed on in my life, a wonderful weekend in Cornwall last autumn.


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