Sunday, 10 October 2010

Day 46 Noticing the good changes

I have a hangover today. A small one. Feeling a little tired and fuzzy headed. But... I'm so happy! I walked. WALKED. From Iffley Village back to my house last night. And before that, I walked from my friend's house to the hotel where the Oktoberfest was being held. Both journeys were done without stopping for a sit down too. Yay! The distance is about 1 mile from Pearl's and 1.4 miles back from the village home. We didn't walk too fast, P is very considerate, and the pace was such that even though my lungs were being exercised, I could still carry on a conversation. That was really nice.

I felt pretty good for almost all of that walk. I only felt my muscles starting to protest a little about 100 yards from home. That little bit of shin ache. A tight feeling in the calf and butt. Heh. All good. Time for some coffee now to wake-up. :)

So: my exercise choices today. I can go swimming later, pool is available for lengths swimmers for an hour this evening. Or, I could go blow off some cobwebs and check out the autumn colours at Harcourt Arboretum outside Nuneham Courtenay. It's after the roundabout by one of my usual supermarkets so that sounds like a plan. Cat needs food anyway.

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