Monday, 11 October 2010

Day 47 Stats and refraining from stepping on the scales before tomorrow

Here are today's stats: food intake
SW Green Day Syns 46.5 and calories 2353. And this includes the extra food eaten between 1 am and 4 am this morning.

Exercise: Yep, I slept in. And woke up at quarter past nine realizing that the road gang were already starting work on the road I leave my car parked on, and it was in imminent danger of getting towed away. Goodness! I have never moved so fast! I'm sure they were suitably amused by a fat woman bundled in an anorak and her pjs stomping down the road to rescue her lone vehicle in the empty street...I've had to park it next to our local park, so that was an early morning burst of energy for me, I must have walked a brisk 15 mins. :)

And tonight I feel very cold and shivery, so have decided against going out to the pool and elected for a long hot shower at home instead. Excuses, excuses, however I'd rather feel well enough to go get weighed tomorrow, than sleep in again.

Hmm, could be chronicling the anatomy of a cold. :D Never done that before! Symptoms now, are general lassitude, twitchy, tickly, occasionally drippy nose and distinct tickle at the back of the throat. Weigh-in appointment with the nurse is tomorrow at 9.20am. Ohh the trepidation!

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