Monday, 25 October 2010

Day 60 & 61 Day out

Brilliant day Sunday, seeing J in Gloucester. We went to see the sculpture exhibition at the cathedral - Crucible. So many amazing things to see. Lots of inspiring ideas to take away and mull over. :) We also had a great girlie chat about men, and she gave me a new book to read!

A Fishy Friend!

I tracked as well as I could with the food today. Much more difficult guesstimating things than I thought, but I think the day ended up being around 2300 cals.

Monday, I went to see another friend, J, who lives in Bristol. We went for a lovely walk in Leigh Woods. I forgot my camera and left it in the boot of the car... :( I was really pleased though - we did 1.2 km - in about 25mins, and came across a film crew filming the Christmas episode of Corrie! Heh, there was a gold Madonna lashed upright to the top of a blue mini, so maybe I might even have a looksee Xmas - me the anti-soap watcher! What was great about that walk was I even managed a conversation while puffing my way up a slope! J has suggested a possible jaunt to Devon later this year, and a long walk!

Food today was also provided by other people, so I'll tot it up and post about it tomorrow.

On my Oktoberfast challenge, the swimming is looking up a bit. I did a mile this week - 64laps - so I'm really pleased with that. Next week, hmm from Tuesday onwards will be the final push - I hope I do myself proud. :)

I'm really pleased with my activity over the last couple of days. I did a whole lot of walking about, to and from the carpark to the cathedral - not far, but much further than I normally go anywhere, a few hours strolling around, going ooh and ahh ;), and a couple of treks when I was in Clifton, on top of the walk in Leigh Woods.  Every extra step I make is another step to a healthier life. Heh.

Calories today 1954.

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