Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Day 56 Hooray! Back in the Pool...

Yay! I got back in the pool today, after almost 3 weeks of not going. And it was LOVELY! I spoke to this lovely old chinese lady I have a passing aquaintance with and she said when it is cold or dark she doesn't feel like leaving her nice cosy house to brave the pool. I'm the same. When I am at the pool, I love it, and I'm happy to keep right on going with those laps. But it is the space between my front door and the entrance to the pool that stymies me. And I have no idea why that is so. The pool is literally 10-15 mins walk from my house, and that's my version of walking which is about 2 mph! And it is a couple of minutes drive. Yet, I let the weather or outside temperature dictate to me whether I do go or not...ho-hum. I will have to do a little bit of searching in my head to sort this little reluctance out.

So, that aside, I did half a mile today - 32 laps. It is schools in the afternoon, so we have to hop out by 1.30pm. I got there a bit later than planned, but zoomed through my set! I think I shaved a minute or two of my usual time! So now I've got the mojo back, I have planned the rest of this month's laps so I make that 10.5 mile swim challenge I set for myself. :) I think I'll be able to do the 4 outstanding 90 min walks too. There are 11 days left in October...

Food so far today has been good too, if the timing of the eating was a little different! Green Day Syns 45.5 calories 1701. The large Syn count is because I've had some processed food for lunch, something I don't normally have but was on offer at the supermarket.

Breakfast: 2 wholemeal pitas filled with sliced tomato & 4 dry-fried bacon rashers.
Lunch: Young's breaded scampi oven baked on top of a salad of romaine lettuce and julienne carrots and peppers with lo-cal caesar salad dressing and a squeeze of lemon. Yummy!
Dinner: home made carrot & lentil soup, a bagel spread with 1.5 oz soft cheese and 2 oz smoked salmon.

Have drunk roobios tea and had a couple of glasses of water, more will be imbibed before bedtime!

My hair is majorly long now, so I think one of my treat for my mini goals will be a visit to the hairdressers. Must spend some time thinking up some treats :) Hmm, might go look at some blogs and see what other people have listed - opening my mind and my choices! Heh ;)

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