Saturday, 9 October 2010

Day 45 Grey Day and Oktoberfest Beer sampling

It's been a grey old day today. I did go for a walk, but only did half the minutes I'd planned. Still, 45 minutes is exercise! Am going to be walking again this evening, to the Oktoberfest at Iffley Village and back home afterwards. Am looking forward to seeing my friend, P and catching up, sampling a few different beers, and chatting to lots of new people. :)

SW Green Day Syns 33.5 and calories so far 1616. I have lined my stomach with some fabulous lentil stew (with a glass of white Bordeaux thrown into the cooking pan - smelled heavenly!) and spicy potato & spinach in creamy yoghurt. I love garam masala & hot chilli powder - they both add so much zing to a mostly bland veggie dish. A portion of each came to just under 600 cals. :) Fruit & yoghurt for breakfast; taramasalata, crudites, pitta bread & a dab of low-fat hummos for lunch.

Am allowing myself up to 600 cals for tonight. A selection of German beers are up for sampling. Will try and remember what each tastes like & write about them in next post.

Right - off to shower and slap on some face-paint.

Eek! Unbelievable how many calories are in one pretzel...and I had two. Gulp. I am very glad I don't go out to jolly old Oktoberfest knees ups very often! The german beer on offer was only one. It was okay, I think it was called Pal-something. Entirely rememberable, hmm. I did enjoy the half of Guinness I had at the end of the evening far more. Extra cals for my night out: 1484. Extra enjoyment had by all attending: uncountable!

Angel moments: I walked there and walked back, so have upped the exercise to about 90 minutes at least, yay! My feet are a teeny bit sore - might take them to the pool tomorrow to recover :)

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