Thursday, 28 October 2010

Day 64 A better food day

Yay! Today's calories come in at 2007. SW Green Day Syns 44. Hmm, sometimes I don't know why I bother with the Syns count, except I truly believe that if I get the SW thing sorted, then THAT is a healthy way to keep on losing and never feeling deprived.

And I'm sticking to my no eating after 10pm rule. That's it now, until 6 am! Heh. And luckily, the last thing I had tonight was a white chocolate Options drink with 2 tablespoons of light coconut milk (have run out of cow's milk).

Have been reading lots more blogs tonight, and a few other food related things, all interesting. Actually, all far more interesting than TV! Yesterday was the first evening in a long while I watched the box, and that was only because Grand Designs was on. Really cool show this time, an engineer built his house totally prefabricated, and put it together like a load of Meccano, lots of crane work!...looked amazing. Beautiful house.

One day I will build my own house.

The food today:
breakfast - crunchy nut clusters with semi-skimmed milk, roobios tea & a banana
lunch - turkey & butter bean chilli, a couple of wholemeal pittas, 1 oz ham, 1 oz smoked salmon
snack - a bowl of crunchy nut clusters with milk, roobios tea and an apple
dinner - potato & cauliflower curry, extra hot roquito peppers (ouch!) followed by a bowl of plain low fat Greek yoghurt with a couple of tablespoons homemade stewed apples.
snack - Options white chocolate with coconut milk

Actually I am feeling quite sleepy, but have a couple of things to do before turning in. And visualizing myself swimming in the pool tomorrow! I'm going to shoot for 32 laps, and anything extra is going to be a bonus. :)

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