Thursday, 30 September 2010

Day 36 Oktobefast Challenge

Clyde has issued a Oktobefast Challenge and since I've restarted swimming I thought it would be good to join in.

Funny really, because I'm not a joiner of groups or put myself up to challenges or races or anything like that normally. Heh - maybe it is excess of exercising hormones - I forget what they're called, the feel-good kind - hmm - serotonin?

So here are my goals:
swim goal: 10.5 miles or 16800 m
hike goal: 5 x 90 minute treks 

When I go on my treks I will take photos of the various places. I really enjoyed the Shotover hike last weekend even though it was a real effort for me. It left me with a happy glow for days!

And since I will be doing a heap more exercise maybe a nice half of some interesting beer will be do-able.

A note here: I usually drink bitter, ale or stout when I have beer, normally I don't drink lager or blond beer. Although when I went on a trip to Belgium their beer in all its variety was fascinating. Hmm and chips with mayo - ahem. NOT something I'm planning on revisiting.

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