Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Day 28 Sunshine & Swimming!

Yay! I went swimming! 28 laps because we had to get out of the pool at 1.30 - Weds is schools afternoon. And I walked there, went to the library and walked back. So what if it was an amble, I am really pleased I walked. It is sunny sunny and warm today too, so got to make the most of the sunshine while it is still around! I am in a really good mood today :)

Foodwise, day has been excellent. I've pretty much stuck to SW principles for a Green Day, & kept a check on the calories. What is amazing is that the cal count is low yet my tummy feels quite full. I can if I wish have a snack before bedtime if I like. Let's see how I feel later. Pay attention to what my stomach is saying! heh
Green Day SW Syns 14.5, calories 1461. I've had weetabix breakfast, tuna pasta salad & apple for lunch, cream crackers spread with Philadelphia light & topped with ham for a mid afternoon snack, and dinner was quorn paprikash with spinach, boiled cauliflower and mashed potato. I've drunk lots of roobios tea & had 2 glasses of water, so can do better on the water front.

Yesss! Excellent day! As James Brown would say..." Ah feeeeeel good...!!"

Quarter past midnight: I've had a peach & a fresh fig and a roobios tea. Extra cals brings total to 1550. I'm so sleepy.

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