Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Day 34 Proper Workday

Well, seems like it is all stations go on this work project once again. Which is good. Keeps me occupied. And will pay the bills!

Food stats: SW Red Day 19.5 Syns, calories 1785. I had 12g of ultra dark chocolate today. And ate a cooked breakfast - quorn sausages, bacon, omelet, grilled tomato, HP sauce! Had one of my recommended fish servings for the week - tuna, cottage cheese and sweetcorn salad (cottage cheese is amazing stuff!) The chocolate was grated over a dish of low fat natural yoghurt & chopped banana sweetened with Splenda. Dinner was stirfried pork loin chops, heaps of cabbage, carrots and roasted butternut squash with instant gravy. I'm too full to even attempt to eat my promised bagel - it will have to wait for tomorrow. Anyway, I've had quite a lot of Syns today (hadn't realised sweetcorn has a Syn value on Red Days and the butternut squash was tossed in olive oil before roasting)

Exercise today: an upper body set with my handweights! I used 1kg, 1.5kg and 2kg weights. Next time R comes round will ask his help to set up my weights bench. It has been languishing in its box for almost two years now. I haven't attempted core exercises as yet, I still find getting up from the floor difficult. Somewhere I have a balance ball and a pump, that might be fun to sit on to do a few exercises on and watch TV on as it is supposed to help improve core muscles. And those are the ones which need it. Poor things got cut up earlier this year and I've been babying them. Time to rock, you abs!

I did a review of my calories for the last week and my average is just under 2000. Hurrah for me! Lets see - next weigh in is 12 Oct. I'm hoping for a much much better result than the last one!

Hmm - UPDATE: late night snack: avocado, tin of sardines in olive oil, drained, 6 dried apricots, a handful of raisins  and roobios tea. My Syns have shot up to 37 (who would have thought avocado, a fruit is so very synful? 13.5 Syns! Live and learn.) and calories are now 2435.

I'm going to make myself fall asleep at 10 pm every day now. If I am asleep, I am not raiding the kitchen!

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