Sunday, 5 September 2010

Day 12 Sleep

Woke up this morning at the ridiculous hour of 4.15, groggy and achy. I got some audio CDs of Louise Hay's yesterday, I love getting parcels through the post! So popped them on to while away the early morning hours. Rest of the day was spent reading a couple of romantic novels. Some days escapism is what is required. Weather cool, rainy. Seemed to require a long sleep this afternoon, to make up for the early morning waking! And I find sometimes when I am feeling a bit emotional (PMT I think) sleep is good. Keeps me away from the fridge too.

My food choices today have been all about convenience. I took the skin of the last piece of  chicken, hurrah! :D finally! I am getting my head better round this 'eat what is better and enjoy it just as much'...instead of giving in to the momentary 'but it tastes good'. I know eventually it will become automatic nature to take the skin off, just like now it is automatic not to buy cigarettes, automatic to choose a cup of tea instead of a bottle of beer or glass of wine to relax.

Breakfast: 85g french baton, 1 tbsp honey, Organic Clipper tea with milk; Snack: 3 pieces roast chicken; Snack :170g raspberries; Lunch: 3 pieces roast chicken, banana
TOTAL cals so far: 1549

Wondering what to have for supper. Question: Am I hungry? Tummy feels empty. Big salad?
One of the apples from my tree? Heh, that will be nice.

Plenty of water today. Mood much better than this morning. Listening to the affirmation stuff has really helped.

Thought on sleep - maybe because I am fat I need to sleep more and catnap? Not sure, have always felt sleepy after lunch and at around 5.30pm all my life, as well as being a night owl...mostly now though I get to sleep at a decent hour and wake around 7 unless I am feeling emotional, then sleep patterns can get seriously disturbed.

10pm. Big salad it is. Half a romaine lettuce, 1/4 red and yellow pepper, 1 tomato, 1/2 a really ripe avocado (would have been the whole but half was overripe), last of the Ainsley Harriot garlic parmesan croutons, around 12 or so (whole packet is 411 cals - next time I buy them I'm going to count how many are in the packet), 3 tablespoons lo cal caesar salad dressing; orange sugarfree jelly for pudding. Less than 300 cals, heh 271 :) now that's something to smile about AND it looks & tastes absolutely delicious.

Total cals for day: woohoo 1820.

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