Friday, 3 September 2010

Day 10 Reading in the Sun

Sunny day again. I sat in the garden and read a novel, the first in quite a few weeks. I have been reading non-fiction mostly this year, a lot of self-help, psychology, alternative thinking tomes all geared towards firing me up with enthusiasm to change my life.

I've eaten all the rest of the white rolls I bought yesterday. With sliced ham & sliced tomatoes. And all the roast chicken. Cat helped with that!  With the bowl of Cheerios for breakfast, along with 1/3 bar of Cadbury's Dairy Nut chocolate, a banana/strawberry smoothie and a whole pot of Dr Oetker's Onken Wholegrain Peach that brings the day's total to 3409 cals.

I am astounded actually. It's a lot less than I thought it would be. And also it is a lot less than I was used to eating before this past 10 days. Normally all those rolls would be slathered with butter as well, and I may well have had cheese with it, and perhaps a bag or two of crisps - the grab bag size, extra big. And possibly a beer or two, as it is the weekend. And the whole bar of chocolate...cheese & crackers...

Even though I know I have over-eaten today, it is a huge improvement in my eating habits of the past months. Today & yesterday I suppose are the equivalent of my going off course a little, and my mindfulness navigator's job is to bring the good ship back on the right trajectory again.

Good other thoughts about the food intake - I have eaten a decent amount of fruit & veg. If I do feel peckish tonight there is beetroot, carrots and peppers available to snack on. No chocolate craving tonight, which is great. Water consumption is down though, will drink some more before bed tonight.

No exercise today.

Mood today a little down.

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