Saturday, 11 September 2010

Day 18 Rococco Walk




Beautiful sunshine this afternoon after dark grey skies and heavy rain showers in the morning. Today my friend H & I went to Painswick in Gloucestershire to walk around the beautiful Rococco Gardens. It was mostly an amble for us, as I get out of puff quite easily still. Lots of little inclines and descents, a maze which H happily negotiated with me shouting out instructions from above, and lots of lovely follies, and benches for me to sit on! Beautiful gardens within espaliered fruit trees, and delicious looking vegetable plot, a plunge pool with its own spring, the whole place was also dotted with various sculptures, from etiolated metal herons by the big pond, to solid wooden sheep and massive iron cherries in the orchard. So I have a lovely day and a lovely trip and had plenty of exercise  - about 2 miles of rambling. A win:win on the exercise front!


On the calories front, a very satisfactory day too. :) A terrific 1810 !! As H was here, we had weekend treats - a croissant with strawberry jam & cafe latte, then a cup of tea & a scone with butter, baguette with ham, tomato & lettuce, more tea, and my dinner was the rest of the beef stew made earlier in the week, followed by a peach. Water is coming along well, 3rd big glass almost finished, and will have another before bed.

It's been a fabulous day. Tomorrow is a lunch date at the allotment, I'm hoping for another sunny afternoon.

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