Thursday, 30 September 2010

Day 36 Stress is not an excuse to eat sugar!

I've discovered that work stress encourages me to seek out sugar as a coping mechanism. I think it is a throwback to the days when I was first a freelancer and unable to say 'no' to impossible workload demands from my main client. Those days I worked 18 hour days, and ate lots of chocolate, biscuits, sweets, crisps, sandwiches, pies, ready meals - and drank coffee by the gallon, instant of course, because it was quick! Ouch Ouch Ouch!!! So much processed food, so much salt, so much additives, and so much sugar. Oh my. :o And practically no exercise either, except for the odd stretch and quick walk to the kitchen and back to my seat at the computer.

Sedentary body mistreatment. And learned behaviour. And it reared its ugly head again today. A project which was dumped on me last minute yesterday afternoon which was supposed to only take a couple of hours has taken up all of today plus a few hours, and I have eaten half a pack of mini marshmallows and drunk a pot of coffee with loads of sugar. Both things I haven't partaken of in quite a while in such quantities. My poor gut feels most unhappy. And I'm feeling over-buzzy from all the caffeine.

Note to self. Coffee only for weekends! Drink roobios tea or real tea. I don't like those with sugar in them. And put the marshmallows in the hot chocolate!

Hurrah for me! I didn't allow the workload dump to sway me from the lunchtime swim. I'm coming to look on that as a treat rather than an obligation. I do love the water, and our pool is lovely because it is low-chlorine. Yay! Another 32 laps, another half mile!

I have another 33 weeks before my swim card runs out, so potentially I could swim 80 odd miles at my present rate. heh. Let's just stick to turning up at the pool every weekday instead and be happy about that! And a challenging walk somewhere once a week. And when I feel fit enough, back to the golf course for a spot of learning how to play golf in winter. I had lessons this summer but found that walking tired me out so decided getting fit was more imperative than forking out for games I wouldn't enjoy. Not to mention the crippling backache - ow ow ow!!! Those ab muscles really need some toughening up to help out my back.

Okay the food low-down: SW Extra Easy Day SW 36.5 calories 2586. Hmm, not exactly slimming rates! Ho-hum. Again, it is BETTER by far than gorging lots of cake, crisps and chocolate which I might well have done. And the only casualty of today is my stomach which will feel better tomorrow.

Hmm - measured my stats today. My waist is smaller - 41 and a quarter inches, my bust is 50 inches, but my butt is bigger?? 59 and three-quarters?? Hmpf. I do know that I lose weight off my face first when it goes, and my legs and bottom last... Yikes! Pear shape city. Oh well, a generous bum can be an asset in the right circumstances ;)

Time to drink my quota of water and early to bed.

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