Friday, 3 September 2010

Day 10 Shape changes

I found a photo of myself taken mid 2008, during the two year period that my weight stabilized around 19 st 8 lbs (274 lbs or 124.3 kg). To get to that shape and weight again is my immediate goal. I'm amazed at that woman's midsection! Perhaps I am wearing 'hold-me-in' pants :D

During that two year period I was much more active. I worked as a carer for 4 months, which involved lots of moving about, quite unlike my usual career of sitting in front of a computer. I was walking most places within a mile radius of my home - to the pool, to the shops, to the park. I learned how to dinghy sail. I went to 6 music festivals which meant I had to hike with all my camping gear from the car park and walk to all the stages to hear the music. I volunteered for charity doing outside stuff.

I guess ever since my operation I have been on a pity me streak. Daft. So what if I have a huge unsightly scar down my belly, at least I am still on this earth and I have my health and the opportunity to change my life for the better. The 'low' feeling today is probably because I haven't had any exercise. And also because the friend who was coming is not now. But really that doesn't matter, because I can have fun by myself. I can do things, choose to go somewhere, find pleasure in other activities.

Weather is set to be fair tomorrow. Perhaps a revisit to the White Horse at Uffington is on the cards tomorrow. Now that would be an achievement. Rather like climbing up the steep cobbled slope to the top of St Michael's Mount in Cornwall in 2005 the year I finally recovered from my strained ligament damage from a fall in 2004. There is something so absolutely wonderful about being somewhere where one can feel on the very top of the world.

Liberation. Freedom. A sense of unity with nature.

Yep, I'll take me a dose of that.

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