Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Day 35 Swim Lunchtimes and Apple varieties

Today I made it up to the pool at lunchtime again. I'm smiling at myself because it was planned like a military expedition! Cook lunch first then leave house and get there before 12.30 because today is the day we have to evacuate the pool at 1.30pm sharp...heh. Yay! I got my half-mile in - 32 laps. And I believe I have gotten a teeny bit faster at it. Started trying to do intervals with the swimming too. Fast backstroke in the middle numbers and recovery breaststroke - rest of it was more leisurely - warm up first 10, cool down last 10, and swim with more effort in the middle 12. :)

Food today: Had a couple of extra treats - a wholemeal seeded bagel and the rest of that dark chocolate bar - 38g and a couple of Murray Mint sweets, so SW Green Day Syns came to 25 and calories to 2509. On the whole though I'm okay about that. This is a lifestyle change and I mostly happy that my food choices are better for me healthwise. Reminds me, must ask nurse for cholesterol test when I go back.

Hmm, just eating a Cox apple and it is a totally different experience to eating the Pink Lady I had the other day. Do think its a shame I never see other varieties more. I like Discovery, and Russets, and Spartan. I'd like to try out a Worcester Pearmain. A friend had an apple tree in her garden with apples that were really crisp tangy white with red skin that bled into the flesh when I bit into it. There's a new variety called Redlove which is totally red on the inside - the trees are for sale through one of my seed suppliers. I'd want to try out the fruit though before getting it. Oh yes, better order my raspberry plants now. It has been raining lots here this week so the soil will be workable once it dries out a bit (Clay around here) - perfect for manuring and getting ready for my little red beauties. I love raspberries and strawberries and next year I am determined to have a decent crop!

Swimming really does wonders for my temperament. I've been quite relaxed today, and even though it has been raining and dark and grey, my mood has been good. :)

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