Thursday, 16 September 2010

Day 22 More interesting suggestions on helping that weightloss journey

I'm on a real reluctance to do 'exercise'. I am smiling wryly at myself now. However, today I found, courtesy of the lovely lady blogger at Swimming it Off, a vid done by the BBC which has lots of helpful suggestions to aid the weightloss journey.

Here's what I gleaned from watching all the parts:

1. low fat dairy products will help because the calcium in the dairy helps bind fats so they get excreted from the gut and there is therefore less absorption.
2. Variety increases the urge to eat, so avoid buffets.
3. Increasing daily activity in everyday actions will incrementally increase the calories burned per day without seemingly too much effort and is easily incorporated.
4. eating a breakfast with a little more protein helps suppress appetite, and keeps you going til lunchtime.
5. A session of exercise burns calories initially, but the benefit is that the body will keep burning calories at a higher rate than normal for up to 24 hours later.
6. Watch the portion sizes! Eating healthy food in excess also leads to overweight. Measure everything.
7. The same meal in soup form stays in the stomach longer, keeping it distended for longer, so hunger pangs are triggered later. Eat soup!
8. Be aware of how many calories are in foods, what may seem to be a low calorie option may by the size of the portion be just as calorific.
9. Choose the less calorific option when there is choice eg the thin crust margherita pizza instead of the thick crust pepperoni one, chicken salad with low fat vinaigrette instead of chicken salad with croutons and full fat creamy dressing, a piece of toast with jam instead of the danish pastry.
10. Use a smaller plate! Studies have shown people eat more when given more. Give smaller initial portions, and if still hungry, eat seconds.

:) all good stuff. I like soup. And cottage cheese. And eggs for breakfast. And it would be nice to have a new plate. And I am learning every day about portion sizes.

Today is a case in point. For some reason it seemed imperative that I have exactly a quarter of the SW recipe bolognaise I'd made from 500g lean mince beef this evening. I checked my SW handbook and it categorically stated the Healthy Extra portion for a Green day was 85g. So I calculated the Syns and told myself yes, I could have it, and a pile of frozen veg to round off the 100g spaghetti (weighed on my trusty new scale - delightful!) When all that food had been piled onto my plate I suddenly realised that actually it was a HUGE amount! But I was starving, so I ate. I started feeling full about 3/4 done but kept on going out of sheer cussedness, hmmm. And now I am stuffed and my tummy is EXTREMELY full, and I have learned my lesson. 85g of beef on a Green Day is the RIGHT amount. And perhaps I will start making 90g of spaghetti in future too.

The worrying about the amount of food is to do with the idea of being on a diet. But I can see and feel (poor tummy!) that those measurements given in the Handbook do work, and are quite generous enough.

So, Syns today: 6.5 for tsp sugar on my weetabix, extra 40g beef, tablespoon of tomato puree in the bolognaise and 1 tablespoon sugar on my bowl of strawberries/raspberries this afternoon.
I've eaten very well today - weetabix breakfast, a banana, vegetable omelet & sliced tomato for lunch, bowl of fruit midafternoon and spaghetti bolognaise with frozen veg for dinner. Had all my five a day and I certainly don't feel in the least bit deprived. :D

Early to bed today I think. Lots for my brain to gestate on.

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