Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Day 20 I won't give in

Okay. I can see I have been far too lenient with my diet to actually lose any weight this last few weeks, and have certainly also been far too lenient on the exercise front. My baby steps have been done, however because they have been tiny, it is going to take a while before they show up on the scale!

Still I can take heart that in general I am not binging. This is the kind of food relationship I want. It has been a struggle though today to not throw in the towel and say 'stuff it' and stuff it in. :) I didn't go to get a loaf of bread & butter, or crumpets, or an extra bar of chocolate, or crisps today - though I did think about it, several times. I've drunk water and had tea instead. I've eaten a healthy snack of banana with yoghurt & honey instead. I've had an extra bowl of calorie counted cheerios instead. I've read a book instead. I've fallen asleep on the sofa instead.

This is a fight. For me. For feeling good. For being healthy. For being able to move without losing my breath. For being able to buy nice clothes in ordinary shops instead of the fat ladies catalog. I can do this.

I've been reviewing the Slimming World method. It has worked for me in the past. A combination of that and watching the calories/portions AND doing the exercise will get me the results. I know it is that simple - calories in calories out.

Extra calories yesterday - snack of cheerios & tea - 248 yesterday's total 1864

Today's calories - a rotund 2324 !!

I've had cheerios for breakfast, a second breakfast of baked beans, bacon & boiled potatoes, spaghetti marinara for lunch, bulghur wheat salad & ham for dinner, and 1/2 an apple, banana/greek yoghurt/honey and 6 squares of Cadbury's Whole Nut chocolate.

Exercise today: I walked from the garage to the bus stop & back - part of it was uphill, hmm, half a mile, walked from the bus stop by the pub to the doc's, the library & then home, another half mile. That was good. I felt puffed out a little going up the hill, but I did it :) I also noted on the bus that there are several good walking routes for me around here that I must explore. And near my garage is a great place for walking surrounded by nature - lots of people take their dogs up there.

Little and often. Little and often. I can do this. Walk. Move. Watch what's going in my mouth. Keep on with the good changes.

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