Thursday, 23 September 2010

Day 29 Gosh, almost a month of doing this

Okay, here's the lowdown:  Cals 2455 SW Extra Easy Day Syns 17.5

I had 50g of Green & Black's Madagascan Vanilla Infused 70% chocolate which would have been fine and left my calories under 1800 but because I was so cold, decided to have a carbohydrate rich dinner. It worked, I feel less shivery - maybe next time I will just up the heating, wear an extra layer and have a low cal cup-a-soup! Another useful item to pop onto the shopping list.

Yay for me! I went swimming again this lunchtime, and trekked up there (armed with brolly in case the heavens opened again). This time I did half a mile - 32 laps. Hurrah for me! Every time I make it there is a golden moment. Every time I walk anywhere is an achievement to be celebrated. Each extra step I take is one more on this thrilling new journey to my new existence, so I'm feeling good about it.

October is rushing in towards us too. I want long walks by the towpath feeding the ducks & geese & swans; long cycle rides to lovely warm pubs to quaff a pint before coming home; getting to swim that mile in the pool regularly. And tending my garden and allotment, putting new paint on my walls and giving my wardrobe an overhaul. I picked up my handweights today too - I have some weights routine videos I can work out too, so I can look forward to building up some more muscle strength and stamina. Right now from where I am, there is a golden glow of promise. :)

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