Thursday, 2 September 2010

Day 9 More Puff Required!

Went for a walk this evening. Lovely sunny day, very hot, bright sunshine at 6pm.

Maybe I was feeling a bit stressed anyway, but I ran out of puff! Had to sit down on the park benches every so often to stop my back from aching.

A few things could have contributed to this: one, I was wearing MBTs, which give my calves, thighs and butt muscles an extra workout so maybe I was expending more energy; two, it was too hot for me and I wasn't hydrated enough; three, I was just a little tired today from yesterday's exertions down the lottie and at the pool. It has been a few days since I did much exercise. Am so very glad I went, even though it was a struggle.

Have also had a look online for walking groups I might join. There's Natural England's Health Walks finder which found a couple of places I can go to discover walking as a pleasure! For later once I have worked up my stamina a little more. One of the walks outlined by the Goring Gap Health Walks Group is something I think I can manage fairly soon - it is a 3 mile walk altogether incorporating a stop at a nice pub should I wish for a sit down and a drink. :) It's a 12 mile drive so there's that pleasure of driving through pretty countryside as well as walking in it.

Interesting though how a 20 minute walk seems so much harder than swimming for 40 minutes. Cool environment and support of my body in the water probably helps. So while I am getting more used to the walking I am going to start upping the swimming from next week. Another reason for becoming more proficient at walking - I have been learning how to play golf and to truly enjoy the game I have to be able to at least walk through 3 holes without feeling too exerted to keep on going. My coach said the idea was to keep going forward as fast as possible, at the moment that just isn't possible. Plus the swinging action gives me terrible backache, a huge clue to developing my abdominal strength and losing some of that big belly!

Exercise: 20 minute walk around park, slow-moderate pace

Food: 2428
Breakfast: 2 weetabix with 150ml ss milk, roobios tea
Lunch: 2 cups cooked rice with 3 rashers crispy bacon, 1/2 cup peas boiled, a slug of sesame oil (approx 1.5 tsp) soy sauce & maggi seasoning plus Walls Solero
Snack: banana, pork pie
Dinner: White roll filled with sliced tomato and 1 slice ham, 2 roast chicken drumsticks, roobios tea
Water: 3 big glasses & I'm going to have another pint before bed
Middle of night cravings: corn on the cob, 2 cooked beetroot with 1 tbsp vinegar

Slow day, slightly tired out day, happy at monitoring food day. Maybe not always the healthiest choices but it was what I wanted and because I had it I am feeling fine and not deprived. Stuff in moderation.

 Yesterday was a big veg day, today has been more about protein.

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