Sunday, 12 September 2010

Day 19 Allotment Party and Stephen Fry's Bored of the Dance...

Sunny day today, feeling good. Just listening to Stephen Fry's podcast on how much he loathes dancing...and modern music - heh.

Have been to the allotment lunch, and had a lovely time chatting to a few of the long timers. I got given a bunch of delicious english grown grapes right off the vine, teeny tiny, full of seeds and sweet. They looked like those grapes that are painted by Dutch Old Masters in the still lifes, gleaming and translucent.

Food calories today so far: a quite conservative 1885 !! Considering I have had a plateful of yummy home-made baked goodies too. All kindly cut out into small portions which I was so pleased about because then I could sample a few. :) I've made a guess at around 800 cals for the plate, which may be completely off. However I am pleased to report that after having a couple of pieces of chicken, and a few tablespoons of my own bulghur salad and the plate of goodies, together with a couple of small glasses of apple juice, I felt quite full and stopped eating. Last year I know I ate a great deal more! This year I desisted from sampling the delicious smelling spicy offerings from our Nepalese contingent, purely because all their lovely food is sadly fried or deep fried.

Breakfast today was continental caffe latte sweetened with vanilla sugar with french bread dunked in it. Again I am pleased to say, previously that bread would have been covered in butter, or maybe even nutella as well. As it was, it was perfectly delicious without.

My afternoon was rounded off with a small walk around the allotments, viewing all the things people have been growing, the structures they have been making for their potting sheds and to support and shelter their plants. Plenty to inspire. And I have semi-arranged to meet up with a fellow allotmenteer on Sundays, hopefully that will encourage me to go there much more regularly.

My muscles are still slightly sore from yesterday's jaunt, so am taking it easy today. The only exertion I am making is to empty out some more boxes that have been lurking to clear out the clutter. Done a lot of chucking out and shredding this morning and am feeling quite energised by that. :)

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