Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Day 15 And another thing

I forgot to write down what I discovered a couple of days ago:

I can walk up the stairs now without getting quite so puffed.
this is so amazing for me - I can now come down the stairs properly, right foot, then left foot, and without having to hold the bannister.

That truly is fab. For a long time now, I've had difficulty trusting my dodgy ankle and dodgy knee. Ligament damage from a fall in 2004 which took me almost a year to recover from. And I have found that I've become increasingly creaky in the mornings over the last year or so. So mornings meant a S-L-O-W shuffle down those stairs, clutching the bannister for dear life.

Heh. No more now. I'm not running up those stairs nope, but I'm coming down them okay now. Amazing what a tiny bit of movement has done for me. That, and no longer feeling stuffed to the gills, and overburdened in the tum every night. I seem to be sleeping deeper too.

Happy days :D

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