Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Day 21 On the Slimming World Plan

So lets get back on the wagon again. I've had a bit of a foodie tantrum over the last 24 hours - I believe it is because I was feeling worried and stressed about work, or rather the lack thereof. However, after some pep talking to myself ( and lots of cheerios!) I am feeling a bit more settled. And this evening one of my clients gave me a nice big cheque, which also made me feel MUCH better!

I worry too much about stability and security I think.

So, the plan is now to get on the Slimming World food choices. Today is a Green day, so I have had weetabix breakfast, 3 egg omelet with baked beans and boiled potatoes for lunch, with a half slice of ham (forgot to pop that in the omelet), half an apple (worms got the rest, hmpf), the inadvertent cheerios worrittin' snack, followed by 2 quorn burgers with salad with a few dribbles of lo-cal caesar dressing (yum yum) then anxiety eating - a dinner of spaghetti in alfredo (half fat creme fraiche) sauce with grated courgette fried with Fry Light. And a plain bagel. I put the rest in the freezer so I wouldn't be tempted. Total SYNS: 15 not counting the off plan cheerios (another 10 + 2 for the milk)

Went shopping and got new scale. That's going to make life a whole lot easier in the food weighing accurately. No more guesswork and hopefully I will start losing weight! Have also stuffed fridge with lots of yummy healthy stuff - strawberries, spinach, raspberries, cabbage. There's also an aubergine and carrots, courgettes, pepper, celery. Ooo - and tested out the scale. It measures 100g of pasta perfectly. And I will be able to portion out my butter too. Have been loathe to get any in case I wolfed it. Now I think I can get a 250g pat and chop it up into 25 separate freezable portions, enough for a month!

I don't like it when my fridge only has beer and alcohol in it. Friend is coming to visit this weekend - am sure he will make inroads! Must remember to include beer SYNS for the weekend :)

20 minute walk - hurrah for me! It was a beautiful sunny morning too, and even though my lower back started hurting, I persevered through it and did all my minutes to the park and back. Hugely happy! Let's do it again tomorrow. And the day after. And after...for 30 days. :)

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