Friday, 24 September 2010

Day 30 Exclamatory Day!

The local pool is closed to the public tomorrow - gala all this weekend and next weekend. Now, I have 2 choices. Go swimming elsewhere or go for a nice long walk somewhere instead. I quite fancy the latter. The only other decent council run pool is on the other side of town & I will have to pay for parking on top. There is another smaller 20 m pool in the nearest housing estate, I could go check that out. I'm kind of undecided. The walk seems more and more alluring! Weather is set to be fair in the morning - seems a good time to take advantage. :)

Hurrah for me! Today has been a great day food wise and exercise wise. SW Green Day Syns 10.5 and calories exactly 1800. Yesss! I also bopped around to music off the radio this morning (elevated my heart rate and probably wore out my knees, but hey it was fun!) and this evening I did 32 laps at the pool, yay another half mile! Just had a post swim supper - yummy bulghur wheat salad and a couple of perfectly boiled eggs. I'm a bit tired and sleepy, early to bed for me tonight!

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