Sunday, 19 September 2010

Day 25 Allotment Regeneration

Today, my friend R & I spent all day at the allotment. We'd only intended to earth up the potatoes which have come up lovely and green. R was really chuffed seeing them. There is nothing quite like planting a seed or a tuber and getting something growing from it. :) He was wonderful all day, we cleared loads of weeds, dug out more triffids - this time of the stinging nettle variety, then he kindly did most of the hard digging in the raised beds while I hacked at couchgrass with the azada and cleared as much weed roots from the soil as I could. Plenty of exercise and fresh air today :) And at the end we were both really amazed at how much we'd achieved, 3 raised beds planted (radishes, spring onions, salad leaves, land cress, winter spinach, and overwintering peas), the potatoes earthed up, the lines of raspberries and currant/gooseberries weeded, and the overgrown path hacked down to visibility! Hurrah for us!

After hot baths and beer for him, we're going to relax watching a film this evening.

Food today:
breakfast - 2 mugs roobios tea, 1 pain au chocolat, 1 banana
mid morning - ham & tomato sandwich, half an apple (from my tree!) 3 thermos mugs of tea with milk
lunch - 2 pieces roast chicken, 1 peach
dinner - 2 pieces roast chicken, 8 oz mash, 1 cup peas, sweetcorn, baby carrots, 100 ml gravy, cup of tea with milk, 2 jaffa cakes

SW Red Day 20 Syns, calorie counted 1805

Water - have only had one glass, had better have some more and my blood pressure meds & vitamins - forgot them in the excitement of going to the 'lottie!

R has found an interesting book on my shelf - Fiction First Aid which he is borrowing. we has a conversation about writing, having ideas and making them concrete yesterday. I'm really looking forward to reading some stories written by him, I always enjoyed letters and poems I've received in the past. :)

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