Saturday, 4 September 2010

Day 11 Truth

I've been reading Sean Anderson's blog today. In his first week he talks about telling the truth to ourselves, about being honest about food with ourselves. I think that is what I'm attempting here, with this online diary really. Plus it is nice to put my thoughts down in a concrete form. I'm also blogging for myself not for any one else to read, but just in case there are followers later, I want to make something clear. For the squeamish stop reading if TMI.

That op I referred to in my last post Day 10 Shape Changes, it was nothing to do with bariatic surgery. I had a big cyst that was starting to interfere with my bending over so my doc felt it ought to come out. Because I am big and fat, instead of nice neat laparoscopic scars, they had to perform open surgery, so I have an interesting railway track running vertically up my belly to my belly button. Nice.

I take heart however, heh, pun intended ;) from a friend who had open heart surgery and doesn't allow her scar to interfere with any kind of clothes she wants to wear. So if there comes a day when I will be able to wear a bikini or show off my flat tummy, having that scar won't bother me now.

Initially it did, now, it is going to be just another part of me I am learning to love.

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